Data Scientists

Job description

Recon AI

Recon AI is a software company that develops machine vision solutions based on deep learning algorithms. We are continuously looking for highly-skilled and focus oriented people to join our team.

We are currently looking for Data Scientists to join our team.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • Research and development of neural network algorithms (mainly) for machine vision
  • Development and viability assessment of neural network based solutions for various use-case
  • Development of neural network architectures
  • Programming the training and implementation codes for the neural network solutions
  • Implementation of the aforementioned solutions

Job requirements

Mandatory technical skills:

  • Proficiency in machine learning algorithms, specifically deep learning for Machine Vision
  • Experience with Python and at least one of the common deep learning libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras)
  • Familiarity in computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PIL)
  • Basic university-level understanding of mathematics, particularly linear algebra
  • Fluent English

Beneficiary technical skills:

  • Ability for fast hypothesis testing
  • Familiarity in neural network optimization frameworks (TensorRT, ONNX)
  • Proficiency in signal processing
  • Basic proficiency in integration of machine learning and other fields of data processing
  • An understanding of software and algorithms complexity metrics
  • Advanced university-level understanding of mathematics